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As I’m sure you have already heard this is an Affordable Housing Property, which means income restrictions apply. The amount is based on how many people will be living in the unit. Please fill out the application completely to assist us in determining your eligibility. In order to help you, we have listed below the criteria for qualifying as a resident with us below. Our office is open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Qualifying Criteria

1. Your current/previous rental history must be in good standing and you must not have any outstanding balances. This can also be a combination of more than one residence.

2. The monthly household gross income must be at least 2 times the amount of rent.

3. Satisfactory credit history – Applicant must not have any outstanding balances for utilities and/or rental history. Applicants cannot have a bankruptcy within the last 3 years or be delinquent on Student Loans.

4. Criminal Background Check – A background check will be obtained on all applicants.

5. The entire unit cannot consist of full-time students (according to the applicant’s school), unless you are a single parent with a current tax return showing you are the primary caregiver. Student Status counts for the current calendar year.

Applicant (s) may be denied occupancy for the following reasons:

Falsification of application by any applicant

Incomplete or failing to provide proof on a application by any applicant

Insufficient income (total of all applicants)

Criminal background: Any misdemeanor within the past seven (7) years by an applicant or by other occupants (including children) who plan to live in unit.

No Felonies are accepted.

Poor credit history of any applicant (credit reports are obtained.)

Poor rental profile of any applicant’s household (rental history reports are obtained). Applicants cannot have rental history of: Non-payment or frequent late payment of rent, Eviction, Drug use, Poor housekeeping, Poor supervision of applicant’s children, Unruly or destructive behavior by applicant, applicant’s children or applicant’s guest, or Violence to persons or property by applicant, applicant’s children or applicant’s guest.

To hold an apartment or a spot on the waiting list you MUST put down the $23.00 Application Fee (cashier's check, money order or personal check only) per adult 18 years of age and older.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status.

Moore Grocery Lofts

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